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What is Teamspeak3 and what do I need to use it?

Teamspeak3 is a software providing you with the function to talk to each other via internet. If you rent a Teamspeak3 server with us you'll need the Teamspeak3 client software available on the Teamspeak3 website in the download section. The server software is not required, it's already installed on our servers. We will take care of administration and necessary server updates for your server.

How do I get admin access to the server as a leaser?

You will get an email after your order with the address and an authorization key for your server. That authorization key is only one-time usable. To use your authorization key just click on the link provided in the email or enter the key shown in the email in your Teamspeak3 client software in "Permissions" -> "Use Privilege Key"

How can i provide other users with admin access?

You can add a server user to the group "server admin" in "Permissions" -> "Server Groups" by dragging the user in the list "Clients" of the group "Server Admin". Alternatively you can create a new authorization key and provide it to the desired user. This is available in your Teamspeak3 client in "Permissions" -> "Privilege Keys" and on our website on the page MY TS.Now. Therefore click on "Details" and then choose "Create new privilege key".

What can I do if I lost my server admin rights as a leaser?

In that case create a new privilege key on MY TS.Now. Therefore click on "Details" and then choose "Create new privilege key".

How can I set a password on the server?

You need to be logged in as server admin on your server. Then you choose "Tools" -> "Edit Virtual Server". Now you can edit the server password in addition to server name and general server settings. The server password is not necessary for server admins, these users can join the server any time.

How can I upload files with the filetransfer?

To use filetransfer you need a tarif with filetransfer enabled. If you chose such a tarif right-click on the standard channel in your Teamspeak3 client and choose "Open File Browser". Now you can select files to transfer to the server.

How can I add my server to a TS Viewer service?

Please follow the instructions of your TS Viewer provider. Use 10011 as the query port of your server. Please enter a low query speed because the amount of queries is limited on the server. We offer a free and convenient TS Viewer service on

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